Who are we?

Ultra Education Ltd is a for profit enterprise that creates significant social impact by enhancing the self-esteem, employment level and life chances of children. We are the UK’s #1 provider of entrepreneurial education programmes in schools and workshops.

Delivered in an exciting and challenging way, we aim to make learning and the school curriculum relevant. Our entrepreneurial child education content is designed to reinforce academics (e.g. English, Maths and Science) and provide children with realistic options for future employment or self-employment.

Today, being entrepreneurial is an essential future skill set for children. The majority of young people lack these skills; and educators lack the confidence and tools to help.

Ultra Education addresses this significant gap by equipping children for their future.

What does education say?

Saadia Zahidi, Head of Education, Gender and Work and Member of Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva said: “Studies suggest that 65% of children currently entering primary school will have jobs that do not yet exist and for which their education will fail to prepare them, exacerbating skills gaps and unemployment in the future.”

By encouraging children and young people to ‘do what they love’, we take this popular start-up mantra into education by using entrepreneurship to make academia relevant. Our approach exemplifies the recommendations in the paper by Lord Young called ‘Enterprise for All’ in 2014, and is tailored to address specific issues across the educational spectrum.

Who’s idea was it?

Founded by Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall, Ultra Education is a world leader in entrepreneurial child education and seeks to build confidence, self esteem, leadership and teamwork skills, awareness of social impact, an understanding of money, entrepreneurial skills and thinking.

How can I get my children or students get involved?

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