“We were able to use the activities at the UltraKids Club to support our fundraising event at the school. The children and teachers resonate with the values and that we should do more of it. We chose UltraKids Club because we think it’s important that children learn about business as long as it’s alongside things like social responsibility” – Rebecca Wall, Deputy Head, Fleet School

“Hello Aron was happy to attend the activities. He learned useful things, but as he said himself this knowledge is more for the future. Also he mentioned that some things were more difficult to understand as he is creative person and not the one who can concentrate 😊 The work you and your team is doing is great and really appreciated 😊”  Edita, Parent 

“I liked the course as a whole, especially the work involved building up towards the fair’s” “I enjoyed learning how to start a business from an idea” ” I really liked that the teachers never put down an idea but allowed you to explore and think deeper about things”  Chenyi,10 Year Old CEO of Ruby Rose Delights

“UltraKids Club is an amazing idea! I’ve used the learning resources successfully to raise attainment and ambition in my students. I strongly believe in entrepreneurship in education and am glad it’s being delivered in a fun way” Leah Salmon, Educator 

“I didn’t think I could be good at business because I’m a girl but reading about Malachi and Penelope makes me think I can do it too..They’re great!” Tiffany Wright, Student, 8yrs

“Our database which has thousands of youth development programmes showed very little when it came to entrepreneurship in primary schools. We think the UltraKids Club will be a welcome addition to helping raise attainment in children around the UK.” Nathalie Richards, CEO, EduKit

“I like the Ultra Kids Club because it’s bright, interactive and personalised. It helps young children set goals and look at why they set these goals and set steps to achieve them. I think all young children should learn about running their own business and this is a great tool to help them. My little brothers loved the colouring book, the pictures and messages are awesome especially for children.” Nature, 12 year old CEO of www.nafasibynature.com, https://twitter.com/NafasibyNature 

“UltraKids is not just another colouring book! It is also filled with lots of positive messages for kids (and adults!). The images are easy to colour in and at the same time, kids are encouraged to “be the best they can be!”. We use them to enhance our restaurant experience for families. Julian and his team have really started on important journey and I hope they continue to get the support they deserve.” – Darren Philips, General Manager, IBIS Hotel, Luton Airport

“Our daughter Maya has had a fantastic experience as a student at UltraKids Club, Croydon. We have seen her understanding of business and entrepreneurship grow week on week along with her skills and enthusiasm. It has been a great experience for her both from an educational perspective but also in respect of her confidence. I would recommend this program to anyone with a child wishing to learn, explore and get a real handle on the world of business. A special mention to Che who did an an amazing job of coaching and encouraging our shy daughter and showing genuine warmth and kindness whilst continuing to educate and progress her through to presenting her business in the real world. Great job.” – Amber & Cyril Wager, Parents

“LeShaRe enjoys the time she is there and being an UltraKid and a child entrepreneur has given her an immense sense of pride and achievement.” With regards Nyomie McCook

“Ultra kids was a good experience for my son. He enjoyed every session and met some like minded children that he is still friends with. I would definitely join him up again if possible. :)” Charmaine Grant, Parent

“The work you have done with Ezekiah has been astounding. Although he has not yet completed the course, his enthusiasm for business has increased tremendously. He has a greater understanding of the fundamentals which has encouraged him even more and boosted his confidence. He was impressed at the winter fair and is very keen to take part in the summer fair.
He has come into contact with local businesses and community projects who would like to also help him. They are all extremely impressed with the work he has done with you and his own knowledge of starting a business. I am also impressed with the work Ezekiah has done and I’m very proud of his hard work and concentration. We look forward to working with you again.” Siobhan Joseph, Parent

“Was a very lovely experience and an eye opener. we learnt how to brand ourselves properly and we also learnt how to brand our souvenirs as musicians. we were given creative control during the course and we eventually developed some amazing products. Thanks to Ultraprenuer.” Dele Joshua, Parent

“Ultra Kids provides an amazing service for children, two of my children attend the Ultrakids Club and since going their confidence has grown and they have learnt a lot about what entrepreneurship is. Laquarn 11years has started his own clothing line and is an aspiring author, Omari is in the process of writing his book and developing his own YouTube channel. Ultra Kids is definitely something I would recommend all parents should get your children involved in. My son Laquarn was very focused on how to make money by going to the Ultrakids Club, it has shown him that there are many positive ways of earning money while following his passion of fashion and creativity.” Leah McQueen, Founder of Parents Talk

“My daughter attended UltraKids business classes in 2015/2016. She enjoyed the classes and made some friends. She says her favourite thing was the Ultra business fair where she was able to set up business for the first time and actually sell her products. Ultrakids has given my daughter the opportunity to experience the reality of owning and running her own business from the early age of 7! This experience is priceless and has been wonderful for our whole family. Julian and his team have a great vision and are doing great work!!👏🏿👏🏿😁.” Grace Malcolm, Parent

“Unique had a good idea for her business which formed when she visited the Business Fair last year May 2016. ‘I loved it! AYP Uniquely as a name and the full idea came to me’. The Ultra Kids sessions gave Unique the space to think through the mechanisms for building a successful business foundation. The December Fair surprised Unique as she is very confident and assertive and found that selling and promoting was a new ball game. It positively stretched her”  Mavis, Mother