The Redwood Gang’s Rescue Mission

This is the first book written and digitally illustrated by 11 year old author Mattat Tiy En Rayay Salmon.

When Miwsheri and her friends from Redwood Riding school discover a crash landed alien ship in a field near their school, with 3 aliens who are under attack, the friends know they need to help. But with a big riding competition coming up soon, can the gang help their new friends? Join them in their exciting and funny adventure to find out.

“A brilliant funny exciting story from a talented young author” Julian Hall, Founder of UltraKids Club




Mattat’s Big Surprise

This is the first book written and digitally illustrated by 8 year old author Sakhamtat Amun Rayay Salmon.


Princess Mattat loves music, especially African music and instruments and when her father’s birthday lands on the same day as a big African music show, Mattat has a big decision to make.

In this beautiful tale, written and illustrated by 8yr old Sakhamtat Amun Rayay Salmon, find out how a daughter’s love for her father is rewarded with a wonderful surprise.

“A beautifully written, warm tale of a father and daughter’s love from a talented young author” Julian Hall The Ultrapreneur, founder of UltraKids Club



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