worldtopia-bannerName: T’Oluwani Aworinde

Age: 10

School: Stanborough Primary School

My name is T’Oluwani Aworinde, I’m 10 years old, I go to stanborough Primary School and I’m in Year 6. I like to play football, I like I.T and I’m good at art & design. I also attend Holloway SDA Church where I am in the pathfinder club and have attained many achievements.


The reason I made the game is because not all children get the chance to travel the world, this game gives them the experience of ‘travelling’ the world. At school there was an Ultra kid club where we had to make board games and I made ‘WorldTopia’. Ultra-Kids helped me develop my game from the prototype to the finished game addition.

I have cars as counters for the game, 1 dice to roll, certificates for the buildings you buy and 1 board. (the game also comes with instructions)


Orders can be placed by emailing or sending a text. Game costs £15, posting and packaging will be worked out according to area where you live. Email: , Contact no. 07533793253

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