Youth Business Fair - Parents Guide

The purpose of this page is to help you get ready for our Youth Business Fairs!

Click here to check out all of our past youth business fairs to get an idea of what to expect! 

Our ambition for the kids’ businesses is to launch on the day and continue with our support. We intend to do lots of promotion before and after the fair to help them make lots of money doing what they love!

In order for the day to go well we will need your help to get your child’s business ready. It’s not complicated but as with most things the more prepared you are the better. 

Below is a list of cost effective resources you can use to make your child’s business look as professional as possible on the day and after. 

Website – offers FREE websites and you can set it up in under an hour!

Leaflets, flyers – We use InstantPrint where you can get 250 flyers for £17 which is the amount we would recommend for the Fair

Business cards – You can get 50 FREE business cards here (£2.95 delivery) or  VistaPrint also have good deals. Alternatively you can simply Google ‘free business cards’

Pull up banner – £25 quick turnaround, used by us frequently here.

T-shirts/Attire – It’s all about branding and presentation so if your child together with their helpers (family or friends) can wear branded tops/tees related to their business that would help their sales on the day. provides cost effective branded clothing or your local Snappy snaps can also print images onto clothing.

Change – Have at least £30 in change, ideally £1/£2 coins

Bags – Basic plastic bags will do but you can put your child’s business logo on it too. These are essential for customers. You can get 100 for less than £10, lots of options here.

Payment card reader – Lots of people may not have (enough) cash on the day so having a debit / credit card reader means your child won’t miss a sale. Types of card readers we recommend are: Sum up, iZettle Tyl , PayPal are doing a deal currently which you can get here

The above list is NOT an essential requirement of the fair but the more you can do the better.


Designs and logos etc

For the above business cards, leaflets, logo etc can all be done on Canva. This is a free, easy to use tool which your child may already be familiar with coming to the workshops. 


Other ways to prepare:


Role play practice – We will spend time with your child getting them ready to handle customers at their table but practice makes perfect. So whatever you can do with them at home would be great


Promotion – Tell friends, family, school and social networks about your child’s business launch at the Fair.


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If you need more support please email us at or call 0800 211 8133 and one of the team will be happy to assist you and your amazing child. 


Ultra and Out 😉

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