1. What do you teach and how do you teach it?Read more

We teach entrepreneurship in schools and clubs from 7-18yrs old. We show kids how they can do what they love and make money from it or turn it into a business.

2. How many terms do you have a year and how many weeks is each term?Read more

5 terms, 6 weeks per term. We run alongside the school term dates.

3. How long is each session?Read more

90 mins

4. How many sessions do I pay for at a time and when do I pay?Read more

£90 every 6 weeks

5. How can I make payment?Read more

BACS ONLY Bank: NatWest, Acc name: UltraKids Club, Sort code: 60-13-28, Acc no: 5182057

6. Is there a uniform?Read more

Yes, Ultra hoodie or Tee. Can be ordered from sam@ultra.education for £20

7. How many kids in a class and what are their age range?Read more

We have between 10-20 kids per class 7-18rs old. We have about 5 children per teacher

8. How do you cater for different needs and abilities?Read more

Our lead teachers are fully trained and experienced educators. We have small groups to allow us to identify differing needs. We then employ our internal and extended resources to cater to them.

9. How will I know how my child is making progress?Read more

Student progress is tracked weekly and reported on at the end of each term.

10. What is the business fair?Read more

Our annual event where the kids can showcase and sell their products and services. More info here

11. When is the business fair?Read more

3rd December 2017

12. What is the awards ceremony about?Read more

A prestigious event where we recognise the work of our students and teachers.

13. When is the awards ceremony?Read more

7th July 2017

14. What will they learn for the following term?Read more

Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Personal business Development

15. Is there a sibling discount?Read more

Yes 15%

16. Who started Ultra Education / UltraKids Club?Read more

Julian Hall. More info http://ultra.education/about-ultra-education or www.julianhall.co.uk

17. What is the name and address of the companyRead more

Ultra Education

166 Northwood Way,




18. How many locations do you have?Read more

Harlesden, Croydon, Brixton, Leyton, Richmond and Luton

19. Can I start a club in my area or school?Read more

Yes we are now offering a franchise of Ultra. Contact info@ultra.education for more info or call 0345 052 0702

20. How do you teach…Read more

Confidence – By going through the process of developing their business idea.
Resilience – By challenging their comfort zones and coaching them to not give up
Teamwork – Group work during the programme
Leadership – Leading on group work during the programme
Literacy – Expanding students vocabulary
Numeracy – Working with numbers throughout the programme

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