Julian Hall – CEO

David Sobo – COO

David has worked in leadership positions for over 12 years across both for, and not-for-profit sectors. Ultra Education C.I.C’s vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or class have access to effective, up to date, entrepreneurial education.

In his current role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Ultra Education , David is responsible for providing operational leadership and strategic direction across the entire organisation.

Caroline East – Chief Growth Officer

Caroline brings experience of the not for profit, consultancy and public sector to her role as Chief Growth Officer at Ultra Education. She has a special interest in SME growth and strategy which she brings in helping Ultra look at its growth, longer term strategy and impact as well as growing its network and business model. Caroline is passionate about the role that education plays in aiding social mobility and widening aspirations.

Kusheema Nurse

Kusheema has 15 years of experience working in the youth sector in a variety of roles including as a consultant representing Youth for the Ministry of Justice Hate Crime Advisory Board.

Kusheema maintains that in order for social mobility to occur it is important for youth to have a network of relatable mentors and role models to instil skills and coping mechanisms for when they encounter life’s challenges.

Chileshe Hall – Headteacher

Chileshe Hall has been an early years educator with a passion for child development for 20 years.

As the Head Teacher for Ultra Education she is inspired by the passion of the students she works with. Those of whom want to do what they love and make money from it. Chileshe’s ambition is to take best practice. Using child led education to encourage children to reach their fullest potential.

Alan Hamilton – Chairman

Marcia Escoffery – Teacher

Chantel Brooks – Teacher

Sue Mackay – Programme Manager

Sue has worked as an Operational Leader for over 10 years in the not-for-profit sector supporting young people. In her current role as Programme Manager for Ultra Education C.I.C, Sue is responsible for the day to day running of the programme delivery team.

Sue is a confident, hardworking and a determined individual, an organised leader with a passion for empowering the youth of today to reach their full potential.

Natalie Lorenzo – Project Volunteer

Malachi McPherson – Marketing Manager

Malachi has been working in digital marketing for almost 10 years and has a passion and experience in working with not-for-profits and small businesses with social impact.
As Marketing Manager, Malachi’s role is to promote and showcase Ultra Education’s activities; both online and offline. Malachi is passionate about entrepreneurship and strongly believes in Ultra Education’s mission to empower young people to do what they love.

Sir Anthony Seldon – Patron

Anshar Martin – Project Manager

As a teaching assistant at the very first UltraKids workshop 5 years ago, Anshar has seen how teaching entrepreneurship to children has been life changing for them. Anshar was inspired to write his own book at the age of 15 and is on a journey of professional and self development, working on both the AskUltra app and the workshops. Anshar shares similar interests to our students and feels able to connect them with real world examples they are familiar with to explain the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset. Anshar is a pop culture expert and use technology and social media as a way to help our students empower themselves and their learning.

Richard Cook – Advisory

Dr Margaret Casely-Hayford – Patron