Here at Ultra we pride ourselves on supporting young people, giving back to communities, and preparing kids with the confidence and skills they can take with them for life.

We believe that all children should have access to essential entrepreneurship education, regardless of background or social standing.

Our core values support young people and children in ways that the curriculum may not, aiming to make learning relevant and exciting by enhancing self-esteem and encouraging you to follow what you are passionate about.

We’re looking for mentors and volunteers to support in various functions at Ultra. If you’re passionate about giving back to disadvantaged communities, empowering young people and have a passion or interest in entrepreneurship we’d love to hear from you! Previous experience with entrepreneurship is not essential, we welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

Free Ultra Education apparel is included! If you feel your experience, interests and skills could be an asset to introducing young people to entrepreneurship, get in touch today by completing the form below!