Ultra Education Featured in the Croydon Guardian!

Ultra Education were featured this week on the Croydon Guardian’s website. Our Croydon workshops return on the 26th February. You can read the piece below and find out more about the workshops on this link.

Starting a business can be daunting, and entrepreneur and businessman extrodinaire Julian Hall believes that children should be equipped with entrepreneurial skills from a young age. That’s why he created UltraKids, a company committed to delivering quality, fun, entrepreneur programmes to young people.

“I started my first business in my late teens, and if I had been taught about it earlier, it would have made things a lot easier,” says Julian who has a number of achievements, including becoming a best-selling author.

UltraKids have already ran a number of programmes and the results were amazing. A number of children developed tangible business ideas, and they developed certain skills including problem solving, numeracy and literacy skills, and their confidence grew immensely. Julian, who runs the business alongside his wife Che is clearly passionate about education, and the team are totally committed to the young people.

To date, UltraKids have helped over 50 children develop business ideas nationwide, making them the largest provider of entrepreneurial skills to children in Europe, but the team are not content to stop there. It is their desire to see the programme as part of the national curriculum, and with the glowing testimonials coming from both the young people and the parents, this is becoming more and more a reality.

UltraKids will be held at Matthews Yard Croydon from 26th February. To register, please go to: www.ultra.education Based on information supplied by Haddy Folivi.

Original article: Kids Entrepreneurship Classes Comes to Croydon

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