FREE: The Power of Online Marketing workshop! (July Cohort)

Calling all Kid Entrepreneurs.

Are you 11 – 16 years old and setting up your own business?

As a Young Entrepreneur, is an online business something you have been thinking about?

Well! look no further. Instead come and join our new online marketing workshop Run by Youth for Youth. Register here.

“The Power of Online Marketing” course is being run by our own Alex Philip – who was so successful he was featured in Forbes magazine at 14 years old!

At 14 his on-line business was turning over $30,000 a month. He is now 16 and his businesses continue to grow.

How did Alex do it?

Join him to find out on these dates:

July 29th, 30th and 31st at 11.30 to 12.30 EACH DAY.

Join Alex for these three sessions, to find out the secrets to slaying on the internet –

1. July 29th – The power of online marketing/advertising

– How to leverage online advertising mediums to easily grow your business.
– A quick look at different channels such as Influencers, Facebook, Instagram,
– How I used online advertising in my business.

2.July 30th What are the social media business/business models that are working right
(how to get started from scratch if you were looking to launch today).

3. July 31st Question and answer session.

So if you are 11 years old or older and you are just starting your online business or if you are looking for tips to improve turnover, sign up with Alex today – complete the registration form here.

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