The Ultrapreneur featured by EE for Black History Month!

Telecommunications giant EE have featured Ultra Education founder Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall as part of their Black History Month campaign on Instagram!

The popular UK mobile operator which boasts almost 26 million customers shared a post on Instagram as part of a campaign to “look at the future rather than the past” in reference to Black History Month. EE, outlining their campaign stated they wanted to celebrate “Black British talent who are making changes for good with technology RIGHT NOW” and praised Julian’s work as an “Entrepreneur. Founder of Ultra Education, to help bring kids’ brilliant ideas to life.”

EE has gotten behind the ‘Apprentice Nation’ campaign alongside sponsors BT and Lucozade which encourages young people into careers through government apprenticeship schemes.

Sharing his advice for young people who are thinking of the next steps in their career, Julian said: “Do what you love. Life is short and life is also long. We spend a large part of our lives working and we should spend that time doing something that excites us.”

You can check out the post on EE’s Instagram page here.

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