The Ultrapreneur shares how he was inspired by his daughter!

This week, Ultra’s founder and CEO, Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall shared some interesting insights into the origins of Ultra Education, how young people can inspire their older counterparts and in particular how his daughter Kamare Hall had an impact on his entrepreneurial journey on his Instagram account. Check out the post below!

I’m often asked what the reason is why I started @ultraeducation

This little girl who at 7 years old started to mimic what I was doing on YouTube, in my meetings, writing books, travelling, speaking and being an entrepreneur.

I had no idea she would absorb what I was doing because at the time I had no real interest in teaching kids entrepreneurship.

But when I saw how taking on entrepreneurial qualities gave her confidence, problem solving skills, resilience in ways that wouldn’t be expected at such a young age, I wondered whether or not the same thing could be deliberately repeated in other children.

And for the last 7 years we’ve proven that it entrepreneurship for kids isn’t a special skill, it isn’t just for those kids who already have and it for those who kids who have magic dust sprinkled one them at birth.

It can be for any child, any where at any time.

She loves the idea that she was my inspiration and I love it too.

So let your children inspire you, we often want to be there inspiration when it can also be the reverse.

Big kiss from Daddy @kamarehall I love you ❤️

Ultra and Out 😉 (oh which by the way I got from her too!)

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