Words of wisdom from The Ultrapreneur!

Ultra Education founder Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall recently shared some great advice for kid and adult entrepreneurs on his Instagram page, which we thought would be great to share on our blog! Check it out below and follow him @theultrapreneur here.


Just because you’re an entrepreneur it doesn’t mean you’re a leader ❌

Just because you’re a leader it doesn’t mean you’re Innovative ⛔

Just because you’re a mentor it doesn’t mean you’re a teacher 🚫

Just because you’re rich it doesn’t mean you’re financially free ⚠️

It’s taken me a long time to realise the nuance between all of these so that I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.

Many of these terms bleed into each other and they become synonymous when they have no business being.

Doing what you love helps you to gut check the differences in all of these and more.

The nuances aren’t found intellectual they’re found emotionally EQ 💡

If you’re passionate about something you can solve it without being it. Most entrepreneurs (like me) aren’t great teachers. They can tell stories and give anecdotes but teaching, not so much.

Me knowing this meant when I started @ultraeducation the first person to teach it was my wife who is actually a teacher.

We now use a mix of teachers, mentors and entrepreneurs to deliver our programmes.

The art is knowing whom to use and when to deliver the biggest impact to the children and young people we serve.

Ultra & Out

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