A Sunlit summer camp of sun, fun, and entrepreneurship!

For five exhilarating days, budding young minds convened, fueled by enthusiasm and a spirit of innovation. They didn’t just play and bask in the sun; they brainstormed, collaborated, and conceived business ideas. Whether they worked solo or synergized as teams, their goal was singular: to translate their innovative concepts into compelling pitches. And on the culminating fifth day, they proudly presented these ideas to an eager audience of proud family members.

Held at The Yellow in Wembley, the venue was nothing short of inspiring. With spacious interiors perfect for brainstorming and the outdoor play area ideal for relaxation. The Yellow provided everything we needed. Those midday breaks in the adjoining park, with sunlit picnics, football and playful laughter, became the camp’s delightful interludes.

But it wasn’t all business! Davis Williams from the Manhood Academy graced our camp, instilling lessons beyond business. With chess boards spread out, he related the strategic game of chess to real-life and leadership. The intensity was palpable, with our entrepreneurial spirits turning competitive, each eager for a win. By the camp’s close, many had turned into budding chess enthusiasts, their phones brimming with newly downloaded chess apps. Davis’s vibrant energy was undeniably contagious, leaving a mark on every participant.

From innovative attire for premature infants to tech ventures and savoury cookbooks, the range of business ideas was vast and impressive. Street wear, headphones, flavoured ice cubes, children’s literature, and much more filled our ideation boards. Every concept was a testament to the limitless creativity of the young minds in attendance.

The backbone of this summer adventure was the generous support from our sponsor. A massive salute to Laura Ashby of Quintain for fuelling this initiative. And our heartfelt appreciation goes to Dee and Ash at The Yellow for providing an environment where local youth could engage, learn, and grow. Their facility is a beacon for community bonding, reflecting the aspirations of the families in the borough.

No event is complete without a touch of sweetness! Our young entrepreneur, Jahnya from “Bake My Day,” had that covered. Her cupcakes – a delectable array of flavours like vanilla, red velvet, and Victoria sponge – were the undisputed stars, winning over taste buds and hearts.

But at its core, beyond business and strategy, our summer camp was about uninhibited fun. Be it a challenging game of Twister, intriguing rounds of ‘Would You Rather’, or letting their imaginations roam free with story boarding, our young participants thrived in an environment where creativity knew no bounds.

In a nutshell, those five days weren’t just about cultivating business knowledge. They were about friendships, fun, and the foundational belief that with the right nurturing, any dream can take flight.

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