An Interview with 8-year-old Author Mia Waldu

Mia Waldu is a bright intelligent 8-year-old young lady from London who has turned her passion for reading and writing into an entrepreneur opportunity by publishing her first book on Etsy called “All about wild mammals”. To get a better understanding of Mia and her journey we met up with her and spoke about her book.


Q: What inspired you to write a book?

 A: When I joined the Ultra Education programme, I decided I wanted to write a book, and combine my interest in animals and my love for books.


 Q: What is your favourite book?

 A:  My favourite book of all time is the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss.


Q: Why did you decide to write your first book about mammals?

 A: My favourite animal (giraffe) is a mammal, and I am a mammal myself (giggles)


 Q: What did you enjoy the most about making your book?

 A: I really liked picking out the background and pictures for each page to make it look like an awesome book. The research was interesting. I didn’t know half the facts before starting the book.

Q: What’s the biggest obstacle you faced whilst writing the book?

 A: Coronavirus! Because it keeps doing its thing (giggles). Publishing the book took a lot of time.


Q: What is your favourite mammal that you have written about and why?

 A: A giraffe. I always believed (when I was little) that I could slide down its neck. I have lots of giraffe things around my house and I even had a giraffe theme for my 7th birthday.


Q: Who is your biggest writing inspiration?

 A: Dr Seuss is my favourite author. The books are funny and very easy to enjoy.


Q: What book are you currently reading?

 A: Evie’s magical bracelet by Jessica Ennis-Hill. I am currently on the second book of the collection.


Q: What advice would you give to young aspiring authors out there?

 A: Read lots and lots of books. Read every day. Write for yourself. Write what you yourself would like to read.


Q: Do you plan to write another book? If so, do you know what you will write about?

 A: Yes I do and it will be all about the human body. I want to write a whole collection


To summarise, Mia is a bright young lady who has just touched the surface of her entrepreneur journey. What we can take back from her interview is that you are never too young to start your entrepreneurial journey nor need to invent anything or be the next Einstein. All you need is to be passionate about what you’re doing and keep at it even when there’s an obstacle!


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