Child Psychologist Endorses Ultra Education Programme!

Ultra Education has long advocated the benefits of entrepreneurial education for children in boosting self-esteem, confidence, reinforcing academic learning, promoting creativity and much more! However, we are delighted to have a professional in the field of child psychology echo the positive impact of our programme on the wellbeing and development of children. Please read the below statement from Dr. Raymond Roth!

Julian Hall’s Ultra Education Programme is both an innovative and necessary initiative in the sphere of primary and secondary education. The detailed sessions have been carefully planned to incorporate essential elements required for developing in young people an appreciation of the relevance of entrepreneurship and the part it plays in the business world of today.

The courses, which are facilitated by highly trained staff, are designed to help children understand the concept of entrepreneurship and what profit and business is about. This is achieved by means of interactive sessions, thought provoking discussion and stimulating work tasks using a variety of materials and video footage that illustrate some important principles relating to business and the commercial world as a whole. Individuals thrive on a sense of achievement and children of all ages are no exception.

It helps greatly if a child is interested and their attention is held by the course content. Confidence levels will improve with feelings of attainment which in turn can lead to improved communication skills and increased group participation. Improvements in peer group interaction will almost certainly help promote improved behaviour with the increased likelihood of optimal learning.

The team building exercises interspersed with discussion and reflection will undoubtedly go a long way to improve self worth generally and leadership skills in particular. As someone who has worked professionally with young people and adults as a therapist, educator and trainer for many years I feel that the course content and application is likely to enhance participants repertoire of life skills as well as promote their ultimate independence and efficacy both as individuals and as citizens.

The enthusiasm, expertise and commitment of Mr Julian Hall and his team should not be underestimated in the success of this exciting Entrepreneur Programme.


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