Ten Young Entrepreneurs under 20

Following on from our previous blogpost, ’14 successful child entrepreneurs’, here is another commemorative post about young CEOs who are doing what they love.

1. Ranveer Sandhu

At just 17 years old, Sandhu has gained over 5-years worth of experience in the Property industry, as well as in Personal Development. Whilst studying in full time education, Sandhu runs a property maintenance business called Rapid Property Solutions & Fix It Now 24-7 and works for his family run business: Kilostate Estate Agents. Sandhu’s commitment to learning about the property industry from age 11 shows how successful this young man is destined to be.

2. Makayla Williams

Award winning author, 14-year-old Makayla Williams, had her first book published at 12-years old. ‘My First Trip to Gambia’ is a true story about Williams’ holiday in Gambia and how it completely changed her views and ideas about Africa. One of the aims of Makaylah’s book was ‘’to inspire people to write more books and to not be afraid of going to a country where on TV they are advertising it as a disgusting country.” Alongside her father, the two have released a total of 5 books to try and teach children how to develop their confidence, self-esteem and sense of adventure.

3. Young Lit Stars

The UK’s first publishing company dedicated to young Black authors, Young Lit Stars was created by siblings Yazmin, Bailey and Romeo, and their mother, Senior Deputy Head Teacher Juliet Coley-Bremmer. Not only has the publishing company published original works from 37 Black authors aged 15 and under, but one of the founders, Romeo, is also a multi-award winning author who published seven books by 13 years old. Young Lit Stars has proven that they are committed to ensuring that the literary world not only represents diverse authors, but diverse characters too.

4. Daijon’s Cooking

8-year-old Daijon, also known as The Beefy Lean Chef, is a cooking whiz, starting his YouTube channel during the Covid-19 pandemic and consistently uploading since then. The young chef specialises in teaching his audience about Jamaican cuisine and creates clear, funny and informative videos on how to cook certain dishes. With his videos ranging from curry goat to chocolate covered strawberries, Daijon has ensured that he has a video for all cravings.

5. Nora Lambrabet

Nora Lambrabet knows how to tap into a growing market, starting her online K-beauty company, Deiji UK. She was inspired after a trip to Seoul in South Korea with her mother, where they both found that the skincare products there gave them both miraculous results.
Making sure to keep her website stocked with the newest and also the most popular beauty products, spanning from skincare to makeup, Nora is sure to keep her customers happy.

6. Shem Beauty

The 14-year-old business owner specialises in beauty products, which include lip glosses, lip scrubs, false eyelashes, chapsticks and lip balms. Her homemade, natural cosmetics have received rave reviews from her customers. She also posts videos on her business Instagram page for her customers, showing how she creates the products. Not only is her brand affordable, but innovative too as the teenage business owner also offers product bundles for her customers who can’t get enough of her products.

7. George Bailey

Whilst studying philosophy, politics and economics at University of East Anglia, 19-year-old George Bailey, started his own business, Coral Eyewear, after securing £50,000 from his university’s entrepreneurial fund which helps young businesses. The eco-friendly brand makes eyewear out of 100% recycled waste plastic and fishing nets. Whilst acknowledging that there are other sustainable eyewear companies out there, he did not believe that they looks good enough. Both style and sustainability are important to his business.

8. Nick D’Aloisio

At 15-years-old in 2011, Nick D’Aloisio launched Summly: a mobile app that automatically summarises news articles and other material. Just two years later, Yahoo paid £20m for the company, much to the shock of his parents. Now aged 25, Aloisio is currently the founder of a start-up called Sphere, and also a PhD student at Oxford University.

9. Ed Hardy and Kit Logan

Inspired by their love of winter sports at 16-years-old, entrepreneurs, Hardy and Logan, developed the app called Edge after completing their GCSEs in 2013. The app was designed to track performance stats for skiing and allow users to challenge their friends as well as find and review their favourite mountainside restaurants and bars, The app itself was also supported by Summly founder, Nick D’Aloisio.

10. Jamal Edwards

One of the most famous British YouTube channels to exist, SBTV was launched by Jamal Edwards when he was just 15-years-old. After he was given a video camera, he decided to film his friends rapping and performing and upload it to his YouTube channel. Since its official launch in 2006, Edwards (now 31) has helped to launch the careers of many artists, including the world-renowned Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Rita Ora and many more.

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By Etaf Adam.

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