Anya Escoffery-Courtenay and Team 529 enter the PROSPECT 100 Global Design Competition

PROSPECT 100 have teamed up with KERING to host the PROSPECT 100 Global Design Competition, inviting young designers from all around the world to work in teams to create projects that look to ‘make your wardrobe more sustainable’.

One of Ultra’s talented Young Entrepreneurs, Anya Escoffery-Courtenay, alongside her team (Team 529) have submitted an entry to this esteemed competition. Anya and her team members have kept style and sustainability at the forefront of their creation, as they turned “a vintage leather bag into a timeless, versatile bag for consumers conscious about both fashion and the planet.”

They stated that they considered the origin of the vintage bag they were upgrading, and due to the lack of clarity surrounding its manufacturing, they assumed it was an unethical one. So, as stated in their pitch, to ensure ethical manufacturing, their reworked bag will be manufactured in the UK to ensure a higher labour and environmental protection standard. Also, by using plant based materials and TômTex to replace the polyester interior, leather exterior and metallic hardware, the new materials added to the bag allow it to become biodegradable and sustainable.

We wish Anya and the rest of Team 529 the best of luck!

By Etaf Adam.

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