Ultra facilitator Sky Beats, wins BIG on TV project

Black teen entrepreneurs enrolled onto our ‘How to Secure the Bag’ programme have been fortunate to be learning how artists are making money and what career paths could be available to them within the creative sector. This has included exploring higher education in their areas of interest.

The cohort, comprised of budding artists, producers and stylists have been working together on a project to exploring how artists attain success. Between them, they have formed a team, typical of that which would be found behind a popular artist; fulfilling the roles and responsibilities needed and understanding their importance.

The programme has been delivered by Sky Beats, a successful Producer, Engineer, and Songwriter to big name artists, who specialises in music for films, games and project consultancy. Sky Beats is also founder and CEO of Krafthouse, a Music and Media Studio.

He says “For me, this [programme] is an avenue to give back whilst doing what I love, especially as it took some time to acquire all the skills I have now. ”

Sharing a recent insight into his work and successes, Sky Beats shared that a project he worked on for TV recently won the first-ever M&M’s #FilmsYouWantToSee award! He says “A few months ago I was asked to create original music for a film. It was going to be a tight window with only 4-10 days to create entirely original music and mix the sound etc. But I agreed and we even won an award!”

The show, available to watch on Amazon TV, tells the story of Maya: an athlete, who is popular and from a loving family, who worries about inviting her girlfriend Jasmine over for Sunday Dinner.

Young people have benefitted from Sky Beats’ knowledge and expertise during the programme and have been collectively working on creating a music and creative industry mobile app. This experience will increase their knowledge, develop their skills and increase their aspirations towards their careers in music, tech and fashion, which will help them contribute to the economic value of the creative industry they want to be a part of.

To find out more and sign up for the programme click here.

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