Ultra supporting kids in Brent to go Green!

Team Ultra was delighted to deliver an exciting new programme aimed at educating young people about environmental issues, impact and their carbon footprint. Children at Newfields Primary School in Brent, North West London took part in the 6-month youth entrepreneurship programme and on March 9th 2023 did a session on improving carbon footprint.

The agenda for the programme involved finding solutions on how to reduce waste, as well as how to recycle and upcycle effectively. Our Ultra facilitators were amazed to hear and see some of the great ideas, insights and passion the young people showed for the topics and making more environmentally conscious decisions.
12 students took part in the workshop and the day was filled with interactive discussion, games and activities. One particular activity which grabbed the young people’s imagination was creating a farmer’s market. The students had to think about what products they could sell, with the idea that all goods would be environmentally friendly. Some ideas they came up with were homegrown fruits & vegetables and low-energy LED lights.

Feeding back after the programme, the student’s teacher Ms Mohammed said “The children love the programme and always looking forward to sessions. It’s a wonderful initiative and allows them to think effectively about the planet and their impact on the environment.”

Ultra Education were thrilled to receive funding and support from Brent Council for the programme having won a share of funds allocated to environmentally conscious projects taking place in the area with the aim of helping the borough to reduce its carbon footprint.

Speaking about the project, Julian said “I believe it’s important to educate young people about climate change and equip young people with the knowledge to be able to make decisions to better our future. A big thank you to Brent for the support and opportunity to bring this project to life!”

Ultra & Out 😉

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