Ultra partners with Sweatcoin!

Team Ultra are ecstatic to have partnered with popular app Sweatcoin to support our ongoing crowdfunding campaign! Sweatcoin is a free app which rewards user’s daily steps with a new-generation currency that can be spent on products, donated to charity or converted into their crypto currency SWEAT.

Sweatcoin believe in our mission of supporting the next generation through entrepreneurship and are allowing users of their app to donate Sweatcoins to Ultra in support of our crowdfunding campaign! To find out more and support our campaign on the Sweatcoin app click here.

Team Ultra believe Sweatcoin is a great initiative and innovation for motivating people to be more active, healthier, make money and raise funds for important causes. We’re super excited to have collaborated on this project! If you’d like to get involved and support Ultra through Sweatcoin you can download the app here!

We were fortunate enough, with the support our amazing supporters to have reached our initial crowdfunding goal of £50,000 on 14th September! We will be continuing to campaign to raise as much money as possible to support our 2022 Winter Youth Business Fair.

Find out more about our campaign and donate here.

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