Ultra COO David Sobo featured on Ben Morton Leadership podcast!

Ultra Education’s COO David Sobo recently sat down for a chat about our mission of supporting young entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship as well as his career journey and his role at Ultra Education. The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast tackles topics around being an effective leader through interviews with Managing Directors, CEOs and individuals in other senior level positions.

Speaking on the podcast David said “The biggest thing for me at Ultra Education was the realisation that what we do is not just about kids. Because actually [At our youth business fair] every young person that was there was supported by grandparents, uncles, aunts who were extremely proud. The pride that you saw in the faces of these people, was incredible to see. It was a lesson for me that what Ultra does is about community and supporting young people through their journey.”

Listen to the podcast here and please share with colleagues, family and friends who may be interested.

Ultra & Out 😉

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