Ultra is helping black teens in Brent to ‘secure the bag!’

Team Ultra are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘How to Secure the Bag’ a free entrepreneurship programme for black teens (aged 15-18) who live in Brent.

Focusing on creativity, music, fashion and social media, the programme will teach attendees how to use mobile technology and social media to start or grow their own business or brand.

As we all know, today, smartphones and the internet mean you can start a business or brand at the touch of a button and do business globally. Growing a following on social media platforms can be a great way to build a customer base and make money from something you’re passionate about or really good at.

If starting or growing a business that merges creativity and the internet/social media sounds like something you’d be interested in, then this course is for you! This programme will equip young people with the skills and knowledge to ‘break the internet!’

The course will be delivered by Sky Beats, a successful Producer, Engineer, and Songwriter to some of your favourite artists. Sky Beats also specialises in music for film, games and project consultancy. He says “For me, this is an avenue to give back whilst doing what I love, especially as it took some time to acquire all the skills I have now. ”

How to Secure the Bag kicks off on 2nd March 2023 and will take place every Thursday at TYS Studios in Wembley. To find out more or reserve a limited free space, register now on our Eventbrite page.

Please share with parents, guardians or young people who may be interested!

Ultra & Out 😉

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