What Teachers Say

Head Teacher of Newman Catholic College, Danny Coyle said:

“We have been working with Ultra Education for the past two years as part of our extended schools offer and have found it to be a first class programme. Students have developed entrepreneurial skills and as a result have become more confident young adults and more accomplished learners. I wholly endorse Ultra Education and the added value it provides for our young people in today’s competitive world.”

Our Vision

Our vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing have access to essential entrepreneurial education.

With your support, together we can impact the lives of 10,000 children and young people in the UK with our entrepreneurship school programme. For the first time they can have a real chance to increase their life skills, level of employability, confidence and resilience.

Our vision can only be as inspiring as the amount of students that it positively impacts.

Goal: £100,000

Date: 30th May 2018

Pledge Options: 1K, 3K or 5K

What does Ultra Education do and what is our Mission?

An Ofsted report called, ‘Getting ready for work 2016’ says “A coherent programme to develop enterprise education, including the economic and business knowledge, understanding and skills of all pupils is needed.”

We seek to align with Ofsted recommendations and create significant social impact through our entrepreneur school programmes extra-curricular workshops during the school term.

In 2014, Lord Young published a report called Enterprise for All where he said “I recommend that we allow the recognition of enterprise activity throughout the education system from primary school through college, university and beyond”

Today, the majority of young people lack essential life skills; and educators lack both the support and tools to equip them. Ultra Education has carefully developed engaging programmes in an exciting and challenging way, to aim to make learning and the school curriculum relevant.

Equipping children and young people for their future by teaching entrepreneurship, we hope to inspire them to live by our simple ethos – “Do what you love”.

Our Values

  • We seek success for children and young people
  • We continuously innovate in what we offer and how we operate
  • We care about the importance and impact that education provides

How We Teach Entrepreneurship

Why give the money to Ultra Education and not directly to a school?

According to Ofsted, educational standards are “falling” across schools in the UK. The Word Economic Forum is also reporting that in one in eight schools and children will in the future be “losing out in the recruitment stakes”. The situation is very serious given that children as young as 8 years old have issues with confidence and develop significant behavioural problems that lead to lower levels of educational attainment.

Ultra Education, over the last two years has acknowledged the urgent need to provide young people with the necessary skills required to gain employment after their educational journey and become productive members of society. It is this skills gap that Ultra Education nurtures, one which the school system is currently unable to tackle.

Our entrepreneurial child education content is designed to reinforce core academics (e.g. English, Maths and Science), help make learning fun and engaging; and provide children with realistic options for future employment or self-employment.

Deputy Head of Fleet School, Rebecca Wall said:

“Ultra Education really grabbed the younger children’s attention, they were inspired by the stories of other young entrepreneurs and business people. The older children were particularly motivated to setup their own businesses. We think it’s important that children learn about business and being a responsible entrepreneur.”

What difference will your money make?

Our social mission, starting with the underprivileged, is to impact the school system at scale; raise attainment levels amongst children and bolster the curriculum. 

We begin by operating parallel to the school system as it remains somewhat ‘traditional’ and fails to wholly serve the needs for children to succeed, leading to 150 schools in the UK consistently performing poorly, according to OFSTED.

With particular regions more effected than others with one in three schools considered to be “not good”, there is a very high youth unemployment rate across the country. As a consequence, there is rejection of opportunities to learn more – a person can not be helped if they can not help themselves.

We have already reached over 7,000 children in the UK with our entrepreneurship programmes and with your help we can do a lot more. We aim to impact 20 select schools starting this year utilising our proven entrepreneurship programmes. Focusing on quality first, we will then scale out to reach more schools in 2019.

To reach this goal, we need your help!

£25k is required to integrate entrepreneurship into the core curriculum
£75k is required to teach entrepreneurship across an academic year in 20 schools across the U.K.

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Children Impacted since 2015

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