As well as working with schools and parents we also work with a variety of organisations and charities who have a responsibility over a local community, children and families, education or careers and employability.

So if you’re a housing association, regeneration organisation, fostering agency or careers organisation then do get in touch to find out how our programmes can help you!


Some children find education a challenge which often leads to disengagement. This impacts their life chances and creates barriers to employment.

Ultra Education has solutions that have helped many such children find new confidence and aspirations, leading to positive re-engagement. We do this by introducing an imaginative and academically grounded set of interventions based on entrepreneurship which gives such children an alternative perspective and connects them with skills and aptitudes they had not been aware of.

We continue working with various teams and professionals across different Local Authorities such as the Virtual School, Accelerated Support, Family Solution, Fostering, and Youth Offending Services Teams, in using entrepreneurship to improve the life chances and opportunities open to children who have engaged in our various programmes.

Housing Associations

There is a growing concern for children, young people, and families living in housing estates who will suffer from the long-term effects of COVID in their work, education, or well-being.

Ultra Education has solutions that have helped many such children, young people, and families find new confidence and aspiration, leading to positive and lasting educational re-engagement.

Youth Organisations

Are you a youth organisation working with children and young people? Ultra Education can work with you to create positive outcomes with high impact.

Ultra Education uses entrepreneurship as a vehicle to change the trajectory of young people’s lives by showing them how they can do what they love and make financial gains from it, teaching them that no matter how small you are, you can make a BIG impact on the world and that in business today you can flourish financially with a sense of purpose.


Example outcomes include:

  • Understanding of business and entrepreneurship 
  • Increased confidence
  • Resilience and self-esteem 
  • Positive change in attitudes around employment
  • Improved employability skills
  • Increased attainment
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Technology skills 

“Ultra Education delivered an innovative programme into the schools we work with and the results were amazing! The students really grasped the concepts of business and entrepreneurship throughout. I highly recommend with with them as their approach is fresh and unique.” Leroy Kraku, National Careers Service

“We wanted a long term programme which would engage the young people in our housing estate and teach them about business. So we booked Ultra Education and the results were impressive. We’ll definitely be working with them on other projects across our estates.” Samantha Latouche, One Housing

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