Ultra Education launches Black History Month programme!

With the upcoming Black History Month in October, Ultra Education have launched a range of bespoke black history month themed programmes to inspire, inform and engage children and young people!

Our experienced facilitators will tailor delivery and content to the theme of inspirational black entrepreneurs, inventors and history, whilst also embedding essential entrepreneurial learning and key skills such as team building, the ability to reason, analyse, evaluate and think creatively to identify and solve problems.

We have a variety of programmes and packages on offer; ranging from school assemblies to a full day of workshop delivery suitable for schools, youth organisations, charities and lots more. Our black history programmes are designed to be memorable, transformational experiences for children and young people which inspire and spark creativity and imagination alongside core academic skills.

For more information about any of our packages please click here. Alternatively, book in an informal chat with Ultra Education COO David Sobo to address any queries you may have, for more information or to ensure any specific requirements you may have are met. Please click here to book a meeting with us, or call on 07391 998 061.

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