Watch Ultra’s 8th Youth Business Fair recap video!

April 30th 2022 saw the long-awaited return of Ultra Education’s annual Youth Business Fair! Hosted in The Great Hall at Wembley Stadium, the day boasted 100 young entrepreneurs and over 1,500 guests and VIPs.

Businesses exhibiting at the event included including fashion, technology, food, toys, art, sports and lots, lots more. Sharing the inspiration behind his business one entrepreneur said “Me and my older sister we both had really bad dry skin and my mum didn’t really like using products with chemicals in it so me and my mum came up with who was really just playing around with some natural stuff which are good for skin messing around and seeing what came up and the one we made right now was really good for both of us.”

Speaking during the clip, Ultra Education’s Founder and CEO Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall said “Everyone has said to me that isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come and we’ve brought these young entrepreneurs into such an inspirational venue. It’s a testament to the fact that there was such a demand for youth entrepreneurship not just from kids and young people but from parents and teachers to use entrepreneurship as a way to develop soft skills and employability skills and life skills so many great ideas that are out there and if you leave kids to dream and to think big that they’ll come up with some really exciting stuff.”

Check out the video below!

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