Precisa Getsevich is Crowdfunding For Her Natural Deodorant Line ‘Healthy Kind’

One of Ultra’s student’s, 9-year-old Precisa Getsevich, is on her way to starting her own organic and natural deodorant and skin-care business! This young CEO is clearly market savvy as there has been a boom in the demand for natural deodorant over the past year. Although it is not a new concept, the appeal and benefits of it have become more well-known and desirable, due to the lack of aluminium and chemical preservatives.

Getsevich’s business, Healthy Kind, is a natural and organic line of roll-on antiperspirant deodorants for sensitive skin. Her most advertised scent so far is ‘Minty Green’ and comes in a 50ml bottle. It is made with natural ingredients such as arrowroot powder, vegetable glycerine, mint and green tea fragrance oil and Himalayan sea salt. On the bottle, it states that the deodorant helps to tone your skin naturally and clear the dead skin cells, remove the dirt, as well as revamp and moisturise your skin.

Currently, Getsevich is aiming to raise £5000 via the crowdfunding website for children, Chippingin, to help cover the costs of manufacturing her product. In the description, she states that she will be using the money to “purchase products, ingredients and materials as well as be able to afford the marketing to help my business Healthy Kind, a natural antiperspirant deodorant brand, grow and succeed.” She hopes to raise the money soon so she can partake in the Kid’s Business Fair that will be taking place in April 2022. If you are interested in donating, you can find her page here.

In her spare time, Getsevich learns Mandarin and Spanish, as well as taking up Russian tuition 7 days a week.

Ultra has partnered with Chippingin to support young entrepreneurs raise money for their business goals. More can be found out about that here.




By Etaf Adam.

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