The Ultrapreneur featured by one of the UK’s youngest podcasters!

This past week, Ultra Education founder and CEO Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall was thrilled to speak to one of the UK’s youngest podcasters, 8 year-old ‘Jack to the Future’ about the future of entrepreneurship.

The Jack to the Future podcast covers a variety of topics; exploring what the future will be like for the topics covered which has included music, food, work, mental health and lots more.

Now on its 14 episode, the young podcaster spoke to Julian and two other entrepreneurial guests for his ‘Future of Entrepreneurship’ special! During the 30 minute episode, Julian spoke about what entrepreneurship is; how it differs from a regular 9 to 5; what his predictions for the future are and tips for being a successful entrepreneur.

Feeding back on the chat on Instagram, Jack said “Thank you again for being my guru to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and the implications for children like me in the future.”

Take a listen below and share with someone who would enjoy! You can also connect with Jack and find out more about his podcast on his Instagram page here.

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