Ultra Education Live on The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award!

Ultra Education, a training provider specialising in teaching entrepreneurship to children – even as young as primary school age – was asked to provide a training module for the Bronze level of The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. The scheme – known as ‘iDEA’ – offers the Bronze Award for beginners, with Silver (intermediate level) and Gold (advanced level) coming soon. Ultra Education’s Bronze module for the scheme has now gone live.

iDEA is a programme that helps people develop digital and enterprise skills free of charge. Anyone can access a series of online challenges and events, and participants can win badges that can help or even kickstart their career, or unlock new opportunities. Ultra Education is excited to be a part of the programme and was delighted to be asked to work on the production of a module (known as a ‘badge’) for the Bronze Award:

“We’re extremely proud to be part of the iDEA which is an absolutely amazing initiative. It’s our hope that the Money Management badge that we’ve created for the Bronze Award will be available to impact levels of financial literacy positively for all,” says Julian Hall, founder of Ultra Education.

Julian created Ultra Education in 2015 after he recognised that entrepreneurs can have a greater start if they develop business skills from an early age. Ultra Education currently runs a number of classes up and down the country and has further plans for expansion.

A spokesperson from iDEA said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Ultra Education. Their Money Management module is one of our Entrepreneur badges. Financial literacy is a vital skill, and this badge is accessible and fun for anyone to do.”

“Everyone should be able to gain easy access to basic information and improve their understanding of Money Management, even from a young age. It’s a great privilege for Ultra Education to have been asked to contribute a module for the Bronze Award of the Duke of York’s enterprise skills training scheme. We’ve made the module deliberately user friendly and envisage everyone from young children to elderly women being able to use it,” concludes Margaret Casely-Hayford, advisory board member.


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Notes: The Duke of York works to encourage economic growth and support the creation of skilled jobs. As part of this strategy HRH today focuses on three areas:

Education and Skills

The Duke believes that the key to Britain’s future prosperity lies in providing young people access to education and the opportunities to develop relevant skills.


HRH considers it essential to develop a culture of Entrepreneurship to provide new opportunities as technology allows traditional businesses to become more efficient.

Science, Technology and Engineering

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain have emerged from our world-class innovation. The Duke believes in maintaining this strength and supporting the effort to encourage young people to pursue STEM subjects.

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