Youth Advisory Board Meeting 31.05

During our recent advisory board meeting, we gathered valuable feedback from the children regarding their experiences and impressions of our programmes. Their insights not only highlighted the positive aspects but also provided constructive suggestions for improvement.

The children expressed their appreciation for the programmes, emphasising the busy and diverse environment. They enjoyed the variety and depth of the activities, noting that the amount of work was well-balanced. They particularly valued the sessions on presentation-making, which helped them enhance their public speaking skills. One of the facilitators received special mention for his clarity, helpfulness, and quick grasp of topics, making the learning process relatable, smoother and more engaging.

One of the standout themes from the feedback was the opportunity to learn skills not typically taught in schools. The children appreciated learning how to be their own boss, make money, and explore alternative lifestyles beyond the conventional 9-to-5 job. They relished the chance to meet and interact with peers who shared similar dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, they valued having a platform where their opinions were sought and they could share their thoughts, making them feel heard and valued.

The children felt well-supported, regardless of their age, and valued the safe environment where they could practise speaking in front of others. When comparing their school curriculum to Ultra, they preferred the latter due to more creativity, and practical money-making ideas. They appreciated the face-to-face events for fostering more conversations and connections.

However, there were also areas for improvement. The children expressed a desire for more fun activities and requested that sessions avoid busy times like exams or major events. They shared that they were so vocal in these sessions because they were never allowed to speak so freely at school. Those who were sitting their GCSEs and those who had sat them last year felt unprepared for the world of work, as there had been no efforts to support them through the process of completing CVs or gaining work experience. These young people specifically expressed a desire to gain work experience as soon as possible and considered apprenticeships valuable.

The items on the young people’s wish list included learning how to excel in specific areas, having more frequent small events, and gaining additional opportunities to attend corporate visits. They wanted increased activities in programs like Canva designs and website creation, more arts and crafts, and sports clubs such as dodgeball, football, cricket, and table tennis. Additionally, they sought mentorship from professionals in various sectors. The children were keen on learning from corporate professionals about reaching customers online, selling, advertising, scaling businesses, improving communication, growing on social media, and financial literacy.

The children valued being part of a group where their voices were heard. They suggested a family fun day with selling opportunities, outdoor activities, and a mix of fun and learning.

Several good stories emerged from the meeting. 12-year old Marcus shared how he reinvested his saved money back into their businesses, purchasing more materials.

Another 10-year-old girl, Mahaylia, shared that she is currently working on writing her own version of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” when we asked the children about their near-future plans.

Zeus, a 15-year-old, shared that his first youth business fair experience was particularly impactful, expanding his horizons through interactions with experienced Ultra participants. He also highlighted how the programmes inspired him to create a positive work environment in the future, aiming to make a meaningful impact on others’ lives.The children enjoyed the fairs for several reasons.

They found them inspiring, as they could draw motivation from others. They appreciated the challenging yet rewarding experience of selling and meeting customers. It was valuable for them to see each other’s products and to have the opportunity to meet and interact with other participants. Some of the children mentioned that it was great to experience various venues, such as Piccadilly and Wembley Stadium. They found Wembley Stadium impressive, with many highlighting the unique opportunity to see the interior thanks to the business fair. In contrast, they viewed Piccadilly as a more realistic yet equally fancy location, attracting members of the public who had no knowledge of Ultra Education or the young entrepreneurs. This setting helped them develop new skills in engaging with people unfamiliar with their work, aligning well with their ambitions.

Overall, the advisory board meeting provided a wealth of insights that will help us refine and improve our programmes, ensuring they continue to meet the needs and aspirations of the children we serve.

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Youth Advisory Board Meeting 31.05

During our recent advisory board meeting, we gathered valuable feedback from the children regarding their experiences and impressions of our programmes. Their insights not only